आजचा सुविचार २९ जून २०२०

भावनेच्या ओलाव्यात असतो.कुठलंच नातं ठरवून जोडता येत नाही आपोआप जोडलं जातं . खरी आपुलकी, माया हि दुर्मिळ असते. हे लाभतं त्यालाच त्यातला खरा आनंद मिळवता येतो.

What is Special leave Petition in the Supreme Court ?

Special leave petition means an petition  made to the 

supreme court seeking permission/leave to be heard in an 

appeal against the verdict/ order of the High Court. Usually 

any issue decided by the High Cort is considered as final.

 However if the Suprme court finds that there exists any 

constitutional / legal issue which needs to be considered

 and clarified, the leave/ permission is  granted and it is

 heard as criminal or civil appeal as the case may be.It is not

  a matter of right to approach the Suprme Court in appeal.It

 is privilage granted by the Supreme Court after getting it 

convinced that there exists an important consttitutional or 

legal issue which needs to be considered interpreted, 

clarified  and decided by the Highest Court of the Land.

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