आजचा सुविचार २९ जून २०२०

भावनेच्या ओलाव्यात असतो.कुठलंच नातं ठरवून जोडता येत नाही आपोआप जोडलं जातं . खरी आपुलकी, माया हि दुर्मिळ असते. हे लाभतं त्यालाच त्यातला खरा आनंद मिळवता येतो.

Simultaneous Criminal & Disciplinary Proceedings

The departmental authorities always face a problem as to whether they should initiate the departmental proceedings when criminal action is taken against employee. The finalization of the criminal proceedings take a long time and it is not desirable to continue the tainted employee unpunished.Therefore the following practical guidelines are mentioned below for the consideration and adoption by the departmental authorities.
1) Remember that departmental proceedings are different from criminal proceedings, though based on same transaction or incident. Departmental action is for violation of departmental rules.
2) The question of stay of departmental inquiry does not arise if the charges are different from those in the criminal case.
3) Issue the charge sheet for departmental proceedings without any delay.
4) Please see that a charge other than the criminal charge like, breach of specific conduct rule is also    included in the charge sheet in addition to a criminal conduct.
5) Oppose the application for stay of departmental proceedings, if filed by the employee in a court. Please site various  court judgments which have ruled that simultaneous proceedings can be initiated.
6) If the court grants stay , take the steps to get the stay vacated.
7) Remember that the departmental proceedings can be conducted with the help of certified copies of the documents filed in criminal court.

If the above guidelines are followed it will be possible to ensure that immediate action is taken against the erring employees .

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